Is Hypnotherapy The New IBS Treatment?

Allergy & Digestive Health

  MedUni Vienna states that hypnotherapy is still one of the most effective treatments of Irritable Bowel Syndrome.   For those suffering stress-related IBS they have a distinctive microbial signature in their gut. Studies in MedUni, Austria, has found holistic therapy, typically hypnotherapy is significantly more effective in treating IBS more ¬ª

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My anxiety is awful for me but worse for my boyfriend

“I appreciate that he tries to understand my struggle with anxiety, but I wish he didn’t have to.” For myself with anxiety, my boyfriend is an enigma. He drives long distances, eats expired foods, phones to order take away and goes to crowded places, all without fear. When we went more ¬ª

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How to control anger effectively

Anger Management Anger is a result of feeling frustrated, insulted, deceived or even under attack. For many, anger is a natural reaction that passes quickly. In some instances however, it can become a difficult emotion to control. Health issues linked to unresolved anger include high blood pressure, heart attack, depression, more »

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