What do Coronavirus, Lockdown and Hypnotherapy Training have in common?

With lockdown restrictions increasingly being lifted across the UK many people are re-assessing how they work. For us, it has changed the way we deliver hypnotherapy training making so much more use of programs like Zoom or Skype.

It goes beyond that though, we have found that so many people are re-evaluating the way they live their life. Some people are finding that others are coming to them for advice, help and or support whilst others are blatantly struggling.

If you find that:

  1. You are wondering if your old job is still as satisfying as you would like it to be.
  2. You are the sort of person that people come to for advice

Then read on.

With mental health problems becoming more prolific as a result of Coronavirus some people will be wondering if they could help others. As a practising hypnotherapist, my workload is increasing daily as people are emerging from lockdown. This is only the beginning, commissioners I have spoken to have talked about a Tsunami of cases in the future. This isn’t just a few months worth of work, the repercussions of this will go on for years with things like OCD, health anxiety, agoraphobia to mention just a few.

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Some people naturally want to help others and people seem to gravitate towards them for help. When we have that instinctive desire to help and people naturally gravitate towards us then we may well be cut out to work in the ever-growing health and wellbeing sector.

Hypnotherapy training isn’t the only option out there, there are many other courses ranging from training to be a clinical psychologist through to counselling training. Clinical psychology can be very lucrative but requires several years of study and then gaining experience elsewhere. Counselling isn’t as rigorous but still requires several years of training and, in my personal opinion, isn’t as effective as hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy has got a bad press over the years but in reality, is just traditional talking therapy but done in hypnosis. That brings up the question, what is hypnosis? There are many and often wildly differing explanations, some of them quite humorous. The truth is that hypnosis is simply the acceptance of a suggestion. If we give ourselves a suggestion, and we accept it, it then becomes self-hypnosis. If someone else gives us a suggestion, and we accept it, then it becomes hetro-hypnosis.

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*  Eventbrite will charge £10.00 but that will be refunded once you have completed the training.