How Stress is Physical as well as Psychological

For some, stressful situations bring about thoughts of the worst-case scenario whereas, in others, stressful situations boost motivation, improve focus, and help complete tasks.  However, stress can become chronic in some circumstances, leading to being mentally and physically exhausted and not dealing with day-to-day occurrences. The worse it gets, the more ¬ª

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Coronavirus and Child Stress

Coronavirus & Child Stress

As adults, we understand the stress the pandemic has and continues to bring upon us, but what about our children? Coronavirus and child stress is not easy for young minds to understand, let alone put into words. As we enter our third lockdown, doctors warn that we shouldn’t overlook what more ¬ª

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Stress Awareness Week 2020

  Managing your stress levels and mental health has never been so important as we battle our way through and out the other side of Covid-19. These new and often scary challenges are of major concern to organisations as well as individuals. International Stress Awareness week 2020 or #StressAwarenessWeek   more ¬ª

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