Child Gamblers: The Signs And Where To Find Support

Phone app 350x280 - Child Gamblers: The Signs And Where To Find Support

The number of children with gambling problems has quadrupled to over 50,000 in the past two years. Recent research carried out has shown that these numbers are on the incline and the ease of access to gambling for minors has increased the chances of addiction. Matt Serlin, a Families Counsellor more »

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Child Gambling Soars to 50,000 In Two Years

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The number of people aged 11-16 with child gambling problems has quadrupled in the last two years. Research from the Gambling Commission indicates that a further 70,000 children are at risk of developing problems relating to gambling. Currently, some 450,000 children bet regularly making this more commonplace than drinking alcohol, more »

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Fortnite: What is it and what to do if you suspect your child is addicted

  Fortnite is one of the most popular internet games played by over 40 million worldwide. Battle Royale is an incredibly popular game among the young with gamers spending several hours playing with online friends. Several parents have voiced concerns over how long their children are playing Fortnite especially as more ¬ª

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Do you know what Reiki is?

You will see Reiki advertised at many alternative and complementary health clinics/centres. Its popularity is unreasoningly growing as more practitioners are offering the treatment. According to The International Centre for Reiki; Reiki is a Japanese technique used for the reduction of stress, relaxation, and promotion of healing. It is administered more »

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