The Mind and The Body

My Time at The Devon Clinic.

“When I first attended the clinic, I could hardly walk with a terrible pain in my lower back and knots galore, alongside ongoing anxiety! Little did I know that a massage would change my life and completely re-adjust my body. After seeing Sue Coome my pain has never come back a year down the line…

Sue used a spiritual healing technique that didn’t involve too much touch and more use of energy. At first, I was hesitant to if it would actually work, but straight after I was so impressed and felt like I had been re-booted! Not only did Sue give me a massage that actually made a difference, but she also talked to me about what stressors I had going on at the time and made me feel at ease with my feelings. From expressing that I have been feeling low, Sue was straight on to informing me of what The Devon Clinic can offer and explained how it would help me personally. I was then guided to join The Single Parent Programme which allowed me to get counselling sessions and more physical therapy for only £5 per session. This has changed my life. The clinic actively wants to help the community and really showed their compassion to me and my situation. A year later and I just wanted to share my thanks in supporting me to becoming my best self, full of energy and I make the most out of each day. Thank you to my talking therapist, Chris Fleet. Helping me see my life in a much more positive light and tackled my anxieties. Thank you to everyone there and please do not hesitate to get help at The Devon Clinic, they know what they’re doing!”

A huge thank you for such a great review which really empathises what we try to do here. The Devon Clinic offers support for not only the mind but the body too. Not many people are aware with how the mind and body is connected to our overall wellbeing. Massage alone can’t fight depression, but it does offer relief and can boost your dopamine and serotonin levels which are linked to reducing depression. So when we combine both talking therapy ( counselling/hypnotherapy/life coaching ) with the physical therapy of massage your whole body will react positively as the mind and body are powerful allies.

So, what is the mind and body connection?

Research has found that stress diminishes white blood cell response to infected cells, so if you are stressed, they tend to heal far slower, and vaccinations etc are less effective. When feeling stressed or anxious, your body will respond as if its under attack and will turn in to a physical reaction which is called ‘fight-or-flight stress response’. Your body then releases hormones that speed up your heart rate, increase your blood pressure and make the muscles tense up. This reaction is good if you need to avoid any danger, however if you feel continuously stressed your body’s natural fight-or-flight reaction can last too long which will lead to a more continuous feeling of depression and physical pain. This is why its important to try and have a positive outlook because the body will response accordingly with the mind. However, if you do feel that the stress is somewhat constant, and your body isn’t feeling right, then maybe it’s time to seek professional support and work on connecting the mind and body which will overall leave a highly positive affect to your well-being.

There are many options out there that can help the mind and body. Whether that be from the comfort of your home by watching online meditation or physically seeing someone who is trained to help.

Here at The Devon Clinic, we have a whole range of both mental and physical therapies with practitioners who are dedicated to helping their clients. So please contact us today so we can talk through what options could be suitable for your own individual needs.


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