Ten Reasons Why You Should Try Hypnotherapy

Looking to break a habit or regain control?


Hypnotherapy could be a viable option. From celebrities to your neighbours down the road, more and more people are turning to hypnosis to help them out.

Below are ten reasons to give it a go:

  1. Hypnosis is a natural state of relaxation. It is fact that we all fall into a trance-like state several times throughout the day, so the feeling of being hypnotised will feel natural and leave you energised.


  1. Approximately six in ten Britons suffer from sleep problems. Night after night, lying awake unable to shut off as thoughts race around your mind. Hypnosis can help manage these thoughts and train your mind to drift gently into sleep. Disruptive sleep affects performance as we need to be firing on all cylinders to achieve optimum output.


  1. Losing and keeping off the weight. The top reason most diets do not work is that they do not address the underlying issue(s). Hypnosis focus’ on the root cause rather than calories in vs calories out. It is possible to achieve the body you want with hypnotherapy.


  1. Did you know that more people fear speaking publicly than dying? Hypnotherapy can help you release this fear and enable you to speak confidently in front of others.


  1. Three-quarters of adults admit to experiencing moderate to high levels of stress every month in the UK. Granted we all face times of stress but regardless of the trigger, your body will react to those triggers in a fight or flight manner. Hypnotherapy can help change your thought pattern and interpretations allowing you to feel relaxed and calm in those situations.

  1. Quitting smoking-the bane of many a person who has tried and failed. Smoking is just like any habit, a cycle that requires breaking. Hypnosis can alleviate the urge and release you of those pesky cravings, leaving you with the choice of freedom to never smoke again.


  1. Anger, the emotion that can cause an awful lot of damage. What if you could process anger positively and release it in a controlled way? With hypnotherapy, the result can help you achieve this and become a more relaxed and healthier person.


  1. Have you held back from embracing life due to a deep-rooted fear? Does flying, spiders, heights or snakes make you step back from the world? Hypnosis can enable you to overcome these fears allowing you to regain control and feel liberated.


  1. Procrastination is the roadblock to success in life. We have all been there, we have all put off that important thing telling ourselves that we will do it later. Hypnotherapy can change that mindset into a “take action” one which will enable you to achieve more and stop you from putting off the important things.


  1. A lack of self-confidence makes life harder than it needs to be. Do you miss opportunities or avoid certain situations because you just don’t believe in yourself? Hypnotherapy can remove these obstacles, allowing you to focus and develop. You were born confident, but life can sometimes drag us down. Hypnotherapy can re-establish confidence and positivity.

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