Reiki healing to overcome drug addiction and stress

Youngsters opt for Reiki to overcome drug addictions and stress

Reiki is a Japanese healing therapy that is fast gaining popularity among millennials


Healing hands for drug addiction

Instead of the de-addiction and rehabilitation centres, quite a few youngsters are choosing Reiki to break free of drug and alcohol addictions. Reiki teacher, Vijay Shende, who specialises in the de-addiction of youngsters between 18 and 25 who come in for Reiki treatments are dealing with some form of addiction. Sceptical at first, many had bid adieu to their addiction after using Reiki for twenty-one days. Whilst the rate of tobacco addiction is higher, many are also addicted to marijuana and morphine, some even consume sanitisers to battle depression.

How Reiki works

“Reiki healing works with our life force energies using laying of hands. It heals and cleanses a person’s emotional, mental and physical state simultaneously.” Elaborating on this technique, she adds, “After experiencing physical pain, people realise they need medical and spiritual intervention. But the physical pain in the Reiki chart stands at the third level and it believes that the process of pain and suffering begins on the emotional level. Reiki starts healing from step one, and by the end, it roots out all kinds of addiction.”
Reiki teacher Nirmall Desai

Those who have successfully overcome drug addiction, low self-esteem, relationship troubles, peer pressure and depression have shared their experience with us:

“I plunged into a deep depression at the age of 18, even though my parents gave me everything I ever wanted. But the only thing I needed was their attention, and they were not available when I needed them the most. This was the reason why I started to smoke marijuana to make myself feel comfortable and it dragged me down to darkness. But after using Reiki for a week, the urge to smoke marijuana has reduced and I have been clean since then.”

“I dropped out of college last year as I was dealing with self-doubts and low self-esteem, but after taking Reiki, I have become more confident and focused. In fact, I have enrolled myself in college again; using this technique has helped me personally and academically.

Reiki at The Devon Clinic