10 Ways Hypnotherapy Could Help You Lose Weight

Talking therapies at The Devon Clinic

Talking therapies at The Devon ClinicPeople ask how hypnotherapy helps people to lose weight and maintain their loss without having to stick to a strict diet. The answer is that hypnotherapy changes the way you see and think about food and exercise. The old saying a little of what you fancy does you good rings true. It is when the little becomes a lot that we need to regain control.

Quite often, hypnotherapy is seen as the last resort for those wishing to regain control. We don’t mind this, of course, as hypnotherapy only truly works when the person is fully committed to their goal. Take quitting smoking, for example. You cannot seek treatment to stop smoking if you aren’t 100% committed because it will not work long-term, it might work for a short period, but without commitment on the clients part, it’s always going to be difficult.

The key to losing weight is creating a deficit of calories in vs calories out. It sounds simple, but as human beings, we are not simple, take our metabolism, for example. To successfully lose weight and maintain the loss, you need to engage the mind which is far easier said than done. Hypnotherapy is an excellent tool for engaging the mind at the subconscious level.

With that in mind, here are ten ways in which hypnotherapy can help you lose weight and maintain your goal.


  1. Hypnotherapy helps your subconscious mind regain control over your eating habits. If you currently feel food controls you, hypnotherapy can help you flip the switch putting you firmly back in control.
  2. It will help increase your self-esteem so that you are far less reliant on the temporary pick-me-ups that food can provide. When a person feels more positive towards themselves, they are far less likely to reach for things such as food and alcohol for comfort.
  3. If you eat through impulse hypnosis can create mind triggers so that you stop, look and listen before deciding to eat, particularly if you are not hungry.
  4. Hypnotherapy will also increase and maintain self-motivation enabling you to stay on track. Motivation is the top reason many fail to stick to weight loss plans. By utilising hypnotherapy, you will remain enthusiastic about your progress.
  5. Weight loss hypnotherapy works with underlying issues, including letting go of past trauma that may have led you down the path of relying upon food for comfort.
  6. Improving your self-esteem and control over food will also increase your motivation to participate in exercise to reach your goal. Many people struggle to exercise, but once you begin to feel better about yourself, taking this step will become much easier and even enjoyable.
  7. It is longterm. Unlike diet plans, hypnotherapy is long term and doesn’t have an expiration date. Each day you can plant new suggestions into your subconscious mind through self-hypnosis.
  8. Through the delivery of strong suggestions that you are back in control and food is no longer, the boss will help you control binge and mindless eating.
  9. Driven by focus and goals hypnosis for weight loss can help you visualise and experience your goals mentally so that your excitement to achieve them is heightened.
  10. Overall, hypnotherapy will improve your wellbeing, self-esteem and enthusiastic determination to achieve your goals.

You may have tried other options and previously discounted hypnotherapy but have come to realise that taking back control is more about the way you think than a simple meal and exercise plan.

If hypnotherapy is something, you want to explore further, then click here, and someone will be in touch. A consultation is just £10.00

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