Nutrition. Should we be more motivated?


Food intoleranceAll over the media, we are told to eat well, move more, count calories and supplement our everyday health and wellbeing profiles with these exact measure’s day in day out. But what exactly is the point to this? And furthermore, why are we as a nation obsessing over it so much, that ironically, it is becoming UNHEALTHY?

Granted, the world and its wife has been a surreal and somewhat scary environment to live in, because of the COVID pandemic. So, it has been vital that we look after our health both mentally and physically to the best of our abilities.


The spark in COVID cases and the fluctuating audacity of society, has come at a pivotal point that we should all be being more mindful, with our diet, fitness regime and mental health. They all are intrinsically linked, and this blog is in no way a criticism of nutrition, but a balanced plate of suggestions and overviews of the topic. So, to speak.

Healthy eating is a catalyst response for healthier mindsets.

The advantages

  • Weight loss
  • Cancer health
  • Diabetes management
  • Cardiovascular health
  • Futureproofing the next generations
  • Strong bones and teeth
  • Improved mood and sleep patterns
  • Improved memory


August, together with January, are the prime months that people in society are purchasing more supplements for weight maintenance and weight loss solutions. Looking healthier on the outside by promoting vitality and health on the inside, as quick as they can. Sometimes.


Vitamins and minerals, amino acids and fat burners are exceedingly easy to just have in one tablet. Less energy to take one pill, right?  But is this REALLY healthy living? And moreover, can it be a safe and permanent way of life?

Magic pills do not exist. FACT. What does exist, is a careful balance of supplementation and nutritional intake to meet our bodies requirements and therefore, achieving by making that balance happen. Both in our diets and health, we are achieving a goal for our mental and physical wellbeing.

Making it permanent

So, how can we anchor these prospects down sufficiently and break the cycle of eating to feed bad emotions and stop ingesting the wrong nutrients for our minds and bodies?

The Devon Clinic has different therapies for healthy eating, healthy thinking, internally balancing solutions right at our fingertips.

Allergy testing, Acupuncture and Hypnotherapy, are very useful grounding tools for embedding these wants, wishes and putting a sustainable plan into action. Practitioners are able to work with the inside demands aka, what our bodies are telling us with different ailments we produce to the world, and what changes to our health and wellbeing plans of action we harbour as individuals. We really are what we eat, after all…

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