Is it a Seasonal Allergy?

Allergies and Ailments & Ailments and Allergies

Are they connected, research says so? We hope to inform you of the key seasonal allergy symptoms. It is important to remember that allergy symptoms are not contagious whereas are viruses are.

Amongst the coronavirus pandemic, symptoms and signs have been causing people anxiety on top of existing normal seasonal induced allergy symptoms they experience yearly.

What are the symptoms? 

1) High pollen count causing the need for anti-histamines

2) Having a throat like a razor

3) Spring showers illuminating spores and pollens

4) Nose running like a tap

5) Eyes that just won’t stop itching!

Sound familiar?

Let me explain…

There is undoubtedly some confusion arising between COVID symptoms mimicking those that actually are just a seasonal cold. These can include changes in breathing, appetite, taste and smell, all of which we have been told her prominent COVID symptoms. All of which are allergy-related.

People with asthma, especially seasonally induced asthma, should listen to their bodies. If your coughing is more severe, or just feels different, or your medications aren’t giving you relief, contact your doctor.

However, those experiencing seasonal allergies will likely have other symptoms that aren’t typical for COVID-19, as I mentioned earlier, like sneezing, nasal congestion, itchy throat/ear canals/sinuses, and watery or dry eyes.

This is your immune system trying to defend your body.


 Should we stress less?

You should be aware, although I am sure you already are, that these times, in particular, have not been exactly easy for anyone. The least we need to be worried about are our stress levels exacerbating symptoms and causing unnecessary worry.

The fact is, is that stress is not a cause for an allergic reaction. But it can make your allergy symptoms worse! Studies have found that “ individuals with persistent emotional stress, have more frequent allergy flares.” The same can be said for PMS sufferers. Higher levels of hormones can be blamed for worsening those runny noses and itchy eyes! These same hormones can worsen allergies for expecting mothers also.

More symptoms shouldn’t mean more reliance on medications and reducing exposure just isn’t enough sometimes. You should make an appointment with your doctor for any persistent allergy symptoms that do not respond to over the counter anti-histamines.

Here to help

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Allergy identification and treatment is key in removing sources of immune stressors, leading to an improved quality of life.