Marlene Hochstrasser

Allergy and Digestive Health Testing


Allergy and digestive health testing marleneMarlene at The Devon Allergy Clinic offers diagnosis, treatment and desensitisation for Atopic conditions, Hypersensitivity, IBS, Candida and gut and immunological conditions.

Marlene, the Clinical Director of the Devon Allergy Clinic, is a Registered Nurse with a Diploma in Allergy from Greenwich University administered by Allergy UK (Britain’s leading allergy charity).

Using her nursing qualification she was able to train for a Graduate Diploma in Allergy only accessible to healthcare professionals. She works with related charities The Eczema Society, Asthma UK, and the Gut Trust. These connections are vital to enable her to educate and support clients through accessing their training days and seminars for the latest evidence-based treatments. She has also trained in Bioresonance, Skin Prick Tests (SPT) and Specific IgE blood tests.

The Devon Allergy Clinic is, therefore, in a unique position to integrate mainstream and complementary medicine for the benefit of the client.


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