Meditation And Mindfulness: What Is The Difference?

It seems everyone is posting soothing pictures with “be mindful” as the caption in their social media accounts these days. Ok, so wellness has reached the masses but that doesn’t mean everyone knows what it is. What is the difference between meditation and mindfulness?



This is when you intentionally set aside time to be with yourself. There are several types of meditation from relaxing to exercise meditation to clear your mind. Meditation increases your awareness of the mind bringing you in touch with your feelings and innermost desires.




This is just being aware. Mindfulness can be both formal and informal. With informal mindfulness, you are more aware of the things you do. This is often referred to as mindfulness meditation, and this is where the confusion comes from. Formal mindful meditation involves focusing your mind on the present, the here and now. This form has proven to improve mood, decrease stress and boost immune function. The point is to remain in that moment until you feel complete control of your being.

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