Get Healthy For Summer

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Summer has arrived and you’ve just tried on your swimsuit for the first time. Oh no! You can hide most things under winter woollies but swimwear is just so unforgiving isn’t it?

Don’t despair here are a few tips to get you ‘beach ready’ in double-quick time:


  1. Avoid the heat with an early morning walk or cycle ride.
  2. Take advantage of the best of summer foods. Think Mediterranean style foods and have a holiday each time you eat.
  3. Remember your childhood: play Hopscotch, skipping and so on. Grab your kids and go walking around your neighbourhood and spot the different coloured insects or play, eye spy as you walk around.
  4. Plant a small garden if you don’t already have one or start growing vegetables if you do. Don’t have a garden? Ask a neighbour if you can help with theirs.
  5. If the weather is too hot to exercise, dance or exercise to a workout DVD indoors. (Take it slow to start if you are new to this type of exercise)
  6. Make sure you strengthen your muscles on alternate days. Use small weights such as bottles of water or tins of beans to start you off. Join a gym or exercise class with a friend for stronger exercises.
  7. Visit local attractions such as the zoo and walk for hours without realizing it.
  8. Visit your local fruit and vegetable shops and add as much variety and colour to each of your meals. Aim to “eat a rainbow of colours” on a daily basis.
  9. As you get slimmer and stronger, take your exercises into the seawater acts as a great resistance and improves the power of the exercise.
  10. Make sure you keep hydrated and drink plenty of water before, during and after any exercise. Ensure you also are wearing the correct sunscreen.

Note: Please take advice from your GP if you have any health concerns that may affect your ability to participate in any exercise programmes.

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