Relationship Stress

Relationship Stress

Relationship stress is very common and all relationships will have episodes of stress at some point. Both partners must approach the situation properly to resolve it.Relationship Stress

Supporting your partner when they become stressed is a key feature in a relationship but how you manage and reduce it is important. One of the first things to remember is to have an understanding as to why they may be stressed in the first place and rather than going all in with negative thoughts, it is better to improve their emotional state first. This can be done through supportive communication and gestures which act to calm tension. This is because when someone is stressed they find it difficult to interpret messages therefore, being specific and showing eye contact shows you are engaged in them.

Reducing stress in a relationship
  • Acknowledge the reason for stress ‚ by familiarizing yourself with the problem it generates a better understanding of how to manage it. If the reason for stress is something you are both going through, then it is likely to be of higher quality communication.
  • Using ranges of communication ‚ listening and asking questions help to engage in the communication by allowing the other person to open more about their reasons for feeling stressed.
  • Support Validation – When people feel stressed they often require emotional support rather than advice unless they specify otherwise.
  • Adjustable Approach‚ it may be important to find out what will help your partner to feel more relaxed and what they find helpful for them rather than examining possibilities.
  • Activity Planning – It is an important part of a relationship to spend time together, whether it is taking a walk, bike riding, having a game night or even baking together. This brings laughter, happiness and a chance to communicate just you two.Relationship Stress¬†

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