Can Acupuncture Help You Sleep Well?

Can acupuncture really help?

After the birth of her youngest child, Gemma struggled through her days on just two hours’ sleep a night. She would worry about going to bed because she knew she would lie there for hours. During the night, unable to sleep, she would regularly leave her bed and take to the sofa where she would drop off in the early hours. She said “I’d fall asleep around 5am and then was up again at 7am.” insomniaThe mother of three soon had to try and find ways to cope with minimal rest whilst still taking care of her family.

Gemma later found out she was suffering from insomnia but found prescribed tablets from her doctor didn’t work in the long term as things would get back to normal. Gemma carried on suffering with insomnia for 5 years. However, she had always found ways to manage and care for her children, now aged 11, 9 and 5 learning to live off whatever sleep she could grab.

Gemma was later on diagnosed with viral meningitis. She was treated for six days in hospital, but was left with severe pain in her back. It was then when she was recommended to visit an acupuncturist to see if the treatment could ease the problem. On the day of her appointment, Gemma couldn’t help but apologise as she felt so tired on arrival as she had barely slept at all. The Acupuncturist said it was common for people to see him tired or exhausted and treats people with a variety of problems and reassured Gemma that he was able to help and proceeded with the treatment.

Treatment of Acupuncture is undertaken with the holistic aim of restoring all the body systems to a state of balance. This is achieved by assessment to determine the source of the imbalance and involves placing fine needles with precision into certain points of the body. This assists the body’s ability to return to its natural balanced state of health.

Within 48 hours of that first treatment, Gemma noticed a difference and, after a total of just three visits, found she was able to sleep in her bed for 8 hours without disruptions. She said “The first time I slept through the night was amazing. I couldn’t believe it when I woke up. It’s fantastic.”

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