Combining Beauty Treatments & Talking Therapy

Talking Therapy

Techniques to combine talking therapies with physical therapies to create wellness


Unsurprisingly our emotional wellbeing has a direct impact on our physical health. The world is increasingly aware of self-care and mindfulness, but we rarely see this in beauty treatments. We have a massage to de-stress or a facial to help with tired skin, but what if the root cause of our ails is our mental or emotional state? What if our physical ailments are symptoms rather than a cause?

Holistic wellness therapist Sue Francis has honed an approach to wellness through Light Touch Therapy. This incorporates combining Ayurvedic Kansa wands, healing, massage and talking therapy to help clients feel de-stressed, energised and lighter.

From a practitioner’s perspective: When treating a particular concern, holistic treatments treat the whole person. Stress can affect many aspects of the body including the mind but it may only manifest in physical ailments. By treating holistically, you can work at a deeper level treating the whole person, rebalancing and aligning both the physical and emotional.

Treatment sessions go far beyond what any spa can offer in that we have time to talk to clients. We ask them how they are feeling and what is happening in their lives that may influence their well-being. During this time, we ascertain which treatment is best suited to them. This allows the client to feel listened to, understood and lighter.


“The talking therapy part is to actively listen and understand what the client’s presenting problem relates to and the potential cause.”


It is different to be asked in such an in-depth way about your emotional state during a pampering treatment such as a facial or massage, but it does create a connection that ordinarily wouldn’t happen. Clients state that they feel lighter because they have not only received a beauty treatment but have off-loaded. They have gained an understanding of how their mental balance has affected their physical balance. The two need to be in alignment with each other for them to work in harmony.

Talking Therapy

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