Sue Francis

Light Thouch TherapyAfter the death of her youngest child, Sue moved to Devon to begin her healing journey from loss and isolation. She has progressed to a new place, one of confidence, contentment and wellbeing which now shares this with her clients.

Sue has an array of valuable skills including being a registered healer, a beauty therapist and a masseuse. She also has a background in supporting vulnerable adults and children in crisis.

Sue has trained with Ayurvedic Kansa wands and has integrated these tools, along with her touch to develop her own brand of Light Touch Therapy (LTT).

Many clients have benefited from Sue’s treatments combined with her emotional support to reach a greater depth of healing.

Light Touch Therapy, a Journey into Wellbeing. 



Kansa Ancient Healing Bronze

Using Mother Earth’s Natural Elements to Bring Peace and Balance


Bronze has been used for many years, even as far back as ancient times and is known to have tremendous powers. It relaxes the nervous system, in turn helping our stress levels, increasing energy, aiding digestion and our wellbeing. Bronze works on the whole mind, body and spirit. As a bonus, the Kansa wands minimises fine lines and improves skin tone.


What can Kansa Wands Do For You?


This calming yet energising treatment can help increase Lymph and blood circulation which improves skin tone and appearance. Due to their pure therapeutic Bronze, Kansa wands energise and balances all the body’s systems. Laboratory tested, these wands do not contain nickel. After your treatment, you will feel calm, refreshed, level and energised.


The treatment is simple and easy. It is suitable for all ages.



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