Back Pain and how to reduce it

Chiropractor Torquay – Help with back pain

Common causes of back pain:

Quite often back pain can be caused by minor sprains, strains or injuries, or a pinched or irritated nerve. Back pain can also be set off by everyday activities at home or at work, or they can develop gradually, over time. Avoid bending awkwardly or for long periods, lifting heavy objects, slouching in chairs, twisting awkwardly, overstretching, driving or sitting in a hunched position or for long periods without taking a break or overusing the muscles.

Back pain relief alternatives:

Chiropractor TorquayChiropractor Torquay use a range of techniques which emphasises particularly on the manipulation of the spine to treat disorders of the bones, muscles and joints. Your chiropractor may choose to a treatment plan which involves manipulating the joints, using a controlled, sudden force to improve range and quality of motion to restore the function and prevention of injury in addition to back pain relief. Chiropractic care is generally considered a safe, effective treatment for acute low back pain.



Chiropractor TorquayAcupuncture has proven to relieve chronic lower back pain effectively as many people have found it to be very helpful. Acupuncture treatment involves inserting very thin needles to various depths into strategic points on your body. Stimulating these strategic points of your body is said to correct the imbalance of qi and improve the flow of energy, according to traditional Chinese medicine. Some people believe that the effects come from stimulating the central nervous system which triggers the release of chemicals throughout the body through muscles, spinal cord, and brain. The chemicals then alter the experience of pain-causing relief for lower back pain.


Chiropractor TorquayMassage therapy is seen as an aid for lower back pain and an effective adjunct to lower back treatments as it has proven to lessen and reduce lower back pain. Massage improves blood circulation, which aids in the recovery of muscle soreness from physical activity. In addition, massage relaxes muscles for an improved range of motion. Massage causes an increase in endorphin levels. The increase in endorphin levels is actually one of the greatest benefits of massage therapy. Endorphins are the chemicals the body produces that make you feel good, which is very effective in managing chronic pain and reducing it.


Chiropractor TorquayBowen Technique A treatment consists of a series of gentle rolling moves with frequent pauses between moves giving the body time to benefit from each set. Practitioners treat the body as a whole or can target a specific problem, as they are able to pinpoint stress buildup in muscle groups and then release it.