The Benefits Of Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is a form of self-hypnosis that uses suggestions to encourage a positive and effective change. Treatments have many benefits, from easing stress and anxiety, encouraging relaxation and quitting negative habits. Hypnotherapy is different for everyone, dependent on the issue you encounter and how many sessions it will take to see progress. People can differ from seeing positive changes after just one session or after several sessions. Hypnosis is delving into the subconscious and finding the route to our problems with therapy to guide the positive outcomes.

The results are exceptional here at The Devon Clinic with our trained Hypnotherapist; many personal issues can be helped by hypnosis.

Here are a few benefits of Hypnotherapy:


Helping you quit bad habits

Hypnotherapy helps quit bad habits such as, smoking, drinking, drug abuse or gambling. Hypnosis Therapy is the most successful way to stop smoking safely and easily. Naturally removing unwanted behaviours and addictions.

Helping with eating habits

If you want help reducing your weight without dieting and deprivation, it’s a great way to change your eating habits. This happens by removing unwanted blocks to your success by addressing emotional eating. Negative thoughts about yourself and desire for unhealthy foods. Hypnotherapy helps increase your desire of eating nourishing foods, water and exercise—this leading to a lasting and healthy effect.

Helping ease stress, depression and anxiety.

Reducing stress with hypnotherapy is one of the easiest ways to achieve deep, all-round relaxation. It effectively enhances your health and well-being, leaving you calmer and more refreshed. Anxiety and depression is a common problem for many of us that suffer with. With over 50,000 thoughts a day, a lot can be negative. Hypnosis is a strong way of reframing the negatives thought patterns that keep us stuck in a bad place, to moving towards positive affirmations, thoughts and behaviours throughout the hypnotherapy process, getting you to a stable well-being.

Overcoming fears and phobias

Fears and phobias can hold us back from normal day lives, restricting us in many aspects. Our unconscious minds’ protect us from emotional or physical harm which is why these problems arise. Hypnotherapy then helps by taking us back to the event, cause or certain experience that has caused this fear/phobia. We can then resolve, release and rewrite.

Helping achieve success

Hypnosis reprogrammes your mind to achieve success, whether that’s within your love life, finances, motivation, self-confidence, taking tests and to experience your best possible future, it is possible with Hypnotherapy.

Supporting fertility treatment

Hypnosis is effective in encouraging relaxation and overcoming mental blocks for those trying to conceive. Stress and anxiety, as well as many other factors, can cause the body to make it more difficult to get pregnant, by doing hypnotherapy it can ease the extra stress of conceiving.


If you’re thinking about Hypnotherapy as treatment or a career, contact The Devon Clinic and discuss your further options