Stress Busting Tips For A Stress-Free Christmas



Many find Christmas a stressful time of year and it is mainly due to expectations. We all frantically worry about purchasing the right gift, preparing the perfect spread, and decorating the house in time for one that one specific day of the year.

Here are my top stress-busting tips to help you have fun and to avoid being frazzled.



  1. State your expectations

Have conversations with your guests in advance regarding their expectations and reach a compromise.

If cost is a worry, set limits for gifts, and ask guests to bring a platter or bottle with them.


  1. Remember it is okay to say no

During your conversations with family about expectations, discuss what you want to do. It is okay to turn something down like cooking the meal. Try to have alternative suggestions such as everyone pitching in or bringing a tray of something.


  1. Practical preparations

If you are hosting on the day, it is a good idea to get the preparation out of the way-simple things like prepping the meal and wrapping presents in advance. During the run-up to Christmas have a list of tasks that need completing and share them amongst your friends and family.


  1. Delegation

Do not be afraid to ask your guests for help. There is no need to fall into the trap of trying to be the perfect host if anything it’s exhausting! Get everyone to pitch in, children especially like to feel helpful.


  1. Avoid Conflict

If you are worried your guests might not get on, break the day up and go for a walk. This will give everyone the chance to chat or even to stay home if tension builds. Alternatively, you can ask guests to make drinks, prepare snacks or help you tidy up.


  1. Remember, it is your Christmas too

Christmas day can whiz by in a blur because you have been frantically chasing around after others. Remember, it is your Christmas too and you should enjoy it. Make time for yourself during the day so that you can enjoy it too.


If you are finding the pressure of the season too much you can contact us, we can help.

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