Raisin Meditation

In line with National Raisin Day, try our five-minute raisin mindfulness exercise.


Cultivate Mindfulness, Reduce stress levels and increase everyday joy


Raisin MeditationTime: 5 minutes per day

Duration: One week

Equipment: Plain Raisins

Difficulty Level: Easy



1.     Holding: Take the raisin and hold it in the palm of your hand or between your first finger and thumb.
2.     Seeing: Really take your time to focus upon the raisin. Gaze at it with your full attention-imagine you are seeing it for the first time in your life. Examine every part of it; where the light catches it, the dark and light elements, the dimples and curves, each little mark and feature.
3.     Touching: Turn the raisin over between your fingers. Explore its texture. Perhaps close your eyes to enhance your sense of touch.
4.     Smell: Hold the raising beneath your nose. Inhale your breath and notice any scent or fragrance. Notice any changes to your mouth or stomach as you do so.
5.     Placing: Slowly bring the raisin up to your lips. Note how your arm and hand know exactly where it is. Gently place the raisin into your mouth. Spend a few moments focusing on any sensations as it sits there.
6.     Tasting: Prepare yourself to chew the raisin. Notice where it needs to be in your mouth for it to be chewed without swallowing, notice the sensations of taste and textures in your mouth. Pay attention to changes in shape to the raisin as you begin to chew.
7.     Swallowing: When you feel ready, see if you can detect the urge to swallow before physically swallowing.
8.     Following: See if you can feel the raisin digesting. Wait in the moment to see how your body is feeling after you have completed this exercise.

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