Mental Health Awareness week 8-14th May 2017


Seven simple ways to improve your mental health this mental health awareness week. A quarter of the population is currently experiencing some form of mental health issue.


Isn’t it time we gave our minds a little TLC?



  • Eat Healthily

When you feel low, it is tempting to reach for comfort food, but take a little longer to cook something simple, it will fuel the body and boost the mind. It is important to eat three meals a day and keep hydrated which has been linked to low mood.

  • Get Moving

This doesn’t mean you should hit the gym. A brisk walk or even a thirty-minute swim are not only good distractions but release endorphins (responsible for lifting mood).

  • Self-Care

This can be as simple as taking a bath, an hour of pampering or allowing yourself an hour to focus on a hobby. Whichever task you choose, the important thing is to allow yourself to switch off and not feel guilty. Remember that feeling down is nothing to be ashamed of, so taking time out is important.

  • Screen Break

A great way to keep in contact and up-to-date with events, the pressure of the media can cause negative comparisons. Make a conscious effort to log out an hour before bed this will help you sleep better and clear the mind of digital distractions.

  • Try Something New

Learning a new skill will boost your confidence and break up the daily routine especially if you find something you enjoy. Perhaps take a course or join a club.

  • Talk to Someone

Open up to a friend or family member, it may seem daunting, but sharing feelings will help connect you to those around you. By being open to others about your mental health experiences, you may help them to open up.

  • Speak with a Professional

Although it is common to feel down some of the time if your mood is consistently low and you find yourself disinterested in things you normally enjoy, consider talking to your doctor or a counsellor. They can talk you through options that will help you.



Do you have any useful tips that could help others?

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