Looking after your mental health whilst on holiday

    It can feel a little silly to admit that going on holiday can leave you feeling wrecked. Mental health issues can pop up wherever you are. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that issues can arise whilst on holiday or that being away from home can make them worse. The disruption to routine, the jetlag, alcohol, and pressure to have fun can all add worry. The trick is, to be honest with yourself and making sure you keep up essential self-care.


Preparation is the key

  1. Keep taking your medication.

It may sound strange but the temptation to skip it for a week is high when on holiday. Set an alarm to remind you and ensure you have enough for the entire duration.

  1. Give yourself permission to stay in the hotel

Remember you are somewhere new. The agenda can be amended if you need to spend the day or evening relaxing in your room. It is better to spend the time when you need it than push through and waste the rest of the week miserable and exhausted. After all, the entire idea of going was to feel relaxed and refreshed.

  1. Get plenty of sleep

Make the most of that big comfy bed and get some good sleep in. Tiredness is a major contributor to poor mental health and this doesn’t change just because you are on holiday. Give yourself a bedtime and allow yourself naps especially if you feel

  1. Take home comforts

Pack a few home comforts for when you are away. Perhaps your favourite tea, your cosy pyjamas, or a blanket. Familiar comfort items will help you feel less on edge.

  1. Decide arrangements for missed therapy

If time away means you miss a therapy session put steps in place. Perhaps have an extra session before you go or Skype during your trip. If these aren’t possible, use the time you would normally have a session to write down your thoughts and feelings, perhaps to a CBT worksheet.

time alone
  1. Have time alone

It can be tough be ensuring you have sufficient alone time whilst on holiday will help you relax. Do not feel pressured into meeting up or going out. It might be an idea to inform fellow travelers of your plans for time alone prior to the trip.

  1. How much planning works for you?

For some, a regimented plan for the holiday works in their favour but for you, this might be your worst nightmare. If planning stresses you out try making a shortlist of things you’d like to do whilst there and tick them off as you go-it doesn’t matter if you do not complete it, there is always next time.


    8.Give yourself a generous budget

Once there one of the top things that stresses people out is their budget. Ensure you have a realistic budget and take a little extra increase you want to purchase something you see or take a different excursion-you can always take home what you do not spend.

  1. Give up caring when things become a chore

Rushing from place to place because of your schedule can make your holiday a miserable experience. Enjoy the moment you are in, it is your holiday after all. If you are happy and relaxed at the end, it doesn’t matter what you did.

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