Hypnosis and anger management

There is a buzz around mindfulness, and how it can help eradicate difficult feelings and even stop dark thoughts from becoming destructive actions. But what if the red mist (of anger) descents before you have time to step back and work through those steps?

Perhaps hypnosis is the answer.

Studies have shown that hypnosis is effective in treating anger problems.

Anger and feelings are part of life but when that anger becomes out of control it can lead to both mental and physical troubles. It can also have detrimental effects on all aspects of your life from relationships to work.

Like any problem, acknowledging that you have a problem is the first step. The second is discovering the cause, and the final step is to discover a way to stop that switch that turns on the anger.

Hypnosis can help with this.

Discovering the cause

The jumping of straight to red is a learned reaction that generally stems from past experiences that have shaped your behaviour. The present apparent cause or focus may be a person, event or situation, the cause will inevitability be something in the past that you have internalised. The reality is that your anger will be projected on the present stimuli. Once the root cause has been identified, with the help of hypnosis, you can begin working on how to change your reactions to triggers.

Identify your triggers

Hypnosis works on both the conscious and unconscious mind to change negative thought patterns and destructive behaviours. Hypnosis begins by bringing you into a relaxed state where you will feel safe and able to open to suggestions of trigger identity.

Discovering reserves of calm

The goal is to stop the red mist descending so that projected feelings of anger inside do not overspill outside-reverse calm. In this focused but relaxed state, you will be able to take a step back and observe the situation before acting.

Your hypnotherapist will guide you in reflecting on your triggers and one by one you will be asked to identify the physical sensations associated with that trigger. You will be asked to examine those feelings allowing them to dissolve one at a time. This way, you will understand that these feelings do not need to overtake when something arises.

Once you are comfortable at dealing with each sensation you may be invited to rehearse some scenarios that have previously triggered your anger. This way you will be able to try some techniques whilst remaining in a safe place.

It is important to remember that anger management is an ongoing process.

Hypnosis is a proven tool to deal with anger management.

Chris Fleet can help you regain control of your anger.