Let me help you have healthy skin

A case study in healthy skin by Sue Francis

In the daily fight against infection and pollution our skin is our front-line defence. Therefore we need to protect and reinforce it with particular care. When our skins defences are breached, whether by allergy, bite, burn or the extremes of weather, our skin needs tender loving care to encourage the natural healing process whilst avoiding infection.

Having researched all kinds of products So I can have healthy skin I found that lots of chemicals are used under complicated names that are time consuming to look up and for the most part many of us have not got the time, it is confusing to say the least! After years of not knowing and finally deciding to become a beauty therapist I had to explore this further and have found Aloe Vera to be a most helpful ingredient in restoring and promoting healthy skin. It has both anti-inflammatory and anti-fungal qualities which aid our skins defence perfectly. It is able to penetrate down to the deeper dermis layer of the skin, nourishing and protecting all the time, even influencing the rate at which our skin ages, thus creating healthy skin.

Moisture is lost through our skin which causes dry, flaky, cracked, scaly skin. Dehydration causes damage in the lower layers of the epidermis. The health of the cell is affected causing the immune system of the skin to become weak, risk of infection and skin disease which cause gaps in the lipid barrier and show up as acne, eczema and rosacea.

Environmental damage

Seasons have harm on healthy skin. Winter/cold can take out the moisture causing itchy cracked and scaly skin which can cause it to be very inflamed and itchy.

High humidity can cause you to sweat more and heat up faster. Once this happens the skin can become blotchy red and irritated.

Humidifiers and dehumidifiers can help keep the moisture in and out of the air the seasons change and too much sun will cause dryness, irritation and sunburn.