Do you know what Reiki is?


You will see Reiki advertised at many alternative and complementary health clinics/centres. Its popularity is growing as more practitioners are offering the treatment.

According to The International Centre for Reiki; Reiki is a Japanese technique used for the reduction of stress, relaxation, and promotion of healing. It is administered by the laying of hands and is based on the idea that unseen life force energy flows through each of us.

Reiki works as an intuitive tool that helps clear blockages and fixes the leaking of energy in the body. These blocks can be emotional, spiritual, physical and mental. A good example of a physical blockage is the manifestation of pain.

The main system in which Reiki works with is the Chakra system. This system has 7 main energy centres. These Chakras are responsible for different personality traits, emotions, mental statement, skills and physical development. It is these systems that can be over or underactive.

Reiki is consistent with the concept of healing energy. Each practitioner brings intuitive guidance to each session.


Every Reiki session is unique and different




During a session, you can lay on a massage table or sit on a chair. Some do hands-on-touch, but this is not required. Sessions typically last one hour. Many practitioners play calming music during these sessions to reinforce relaxation.

There are short and long-term health benefits of this Japanese healing technique. It reduces stress on every level, releases the body of physical pain, increases intuition and self-confidence.

Common experiences during treatment can include; twitching, involuntary movement, head and body tingling, dry mouth, visual memories or feelings of, light-headedness and a heightened sense of awareness.


Reiki is complementary and non-invasive beneficial to both humans and animals.


When you hug your child or a friend, you are giving them Reiki when you touch. If someone was hurt and you place your hand on that area, you a subconsciously trying to heal them with your hand/s.


Preparing for a session

It is advisable to wear comfortable clothing and not to plan anything strenuous straight after. It is also important to let go of your expectations for the session as these will only hinder you and the practitioner. Just remember, there are no negative effects of Reiki.

The point is to exchange universal love and energy, to transfer this to another person reminding them at a cellular level, that they are capable of receiving it as well.


If you would like to experience Reiki for yourself, please contact The Devon Clinic where we will be happy to guide you through a relaxing session.


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