Always on Culture, causing stress epidemic

A recent survey has found that more British adults are suffering from stress than ever before. Work pressure, financial worries and health concerns all contribute to rising levels of stress.


The survey carried out by Axa of 4,000 individuals reported that four out of five adults surveyed felt stressed during a typical working week. Out of those, one in ten reported being stressed all the time.


The workplace stress was linked to the always-on culture where people were taking calls and checking emails outside of work hours. Two-thirds were worried about their salary prospects and being able to pay household bills if they didn’t continue to work in the evenings and during the weekends.


Men were more likely to be stressed at work than women the survey found. Many said they indulge in negative habits to combat stress. Alcohol, energy drinks, overeating, and smoking were top of the list. Exercising came at top of the list of positive things men did to control stress which is encouraging.


As you’d expect, those working in large co-operations in large cities came higher on the stress scale than those working in small towns or those within a smaller company.


It is important to differentiate work from home for the sake of your health and the health of those around you. We all need some stress in our lives but is it when this stress becomes all-consuming you need to step back and access where things need to be adjusted.