Bowen Technique – Julie Flood

What is the Bowen Technique?

Being balanced and having our pelvic level allows our body to work at its best. If our bodies are not in balance when we walk, jog, exercise etc., we are creating more issues. Think of your vehicle. If the tires are not balanced, other issues arise and when we continue to drive out of alignment before we know it we are facing more repairs!

If we get the tires aligned then the vehicle runs at its peak. Same as our bodies balanced with the Bowen Technique everything works at its best and our bodies health issues are given messages to repair and heal and our daily exercises are usually enhanced.

Bowen does not just mask our pains and you have to come every week – Bowen encourages healing by balancing and correcting issues, usually within three visits then we function as we should. Those of us with chronic pain issues find great relief when balanced and when the body begins to show it is out of alignment again the technique once again relieves our pain.