Graham Elliott

Graham Elliott Chiropractic

“I’m a registered McTimoney chiropractor, helping people get out of pain and get their lives back.

The human body has amazing abilities to keep everything in balance. If you’ve ever tried balancing a pen on your finger‚ imagine how difficult it is for the body to balance all those bones on our feet and keeping us standing, let alone running and dancing. It’s this delicate balance that keeps us in health and when it gets out of balance we run into ill health and pain.

Gentle yet effective, McTimoney chiropractic does not click joints and uses the minimum force needed, so is suitable for people of all ages. It’s a natural treatment of the structure and alignment of the whole person, and aims to release the cause rather than symptoms, putting the body into a situation where its natural repair mechanisms can work more effectively.”

Get well, stay well: be the best you can be.

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