Single Parent Stress Management Program

The Devon Clinic is proud to announce that we have recently received a grant from the National Lottery to support our


Single Parent Stress Management Program


Stressed family - Single Parent Stress Management Program


This is the second time we have received this funding, the last being 2014


The overall success of the previous campaign was very high in reducing both stress and anxiety levels of participants.

Most participants reduced their stress and anxiety levels from severe to very low or none.

Our single parent stress management program consists of 9 therapy sessions over 8 weeks


These sessions typically consist of talking therapies (notably Hypnotherapy, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, and counselling) and physical therapies (notably Massage, Reflexology, Chiropractic, Acupuncture, and Food intolerance testing).

To qualify, you must meet the following criteria;

  • They must be a single parent
  • They must be showing signs of anxiety / depression and / or stress
  • Be in financial hardship
  • Living in Torbay

To be considered for the program please take the quizzes below and submit your results


Single Parent stress management

Core-10 Quiz |PHQ-9 |GAD-7

 Participating practitioners at The Devon Clinic

Talking TherapistsHands-on Therapists
Chris FleetHypnotherapist | CBTSusan YoungMasseur
Dr. Ellis KalmusForensic PsychologistArtur BrodaMasseur
Andre LaceyCounsellorGraham ElliotChiropractor | Masseur
Allergy NurseNick MoylanAcupuncturist
Marlene HoachstrasserMike PotterAcupuncturist

Full details of participating practitioners can be found here.


The monitoring processes

Participating clients will be asked to complete GAD7, PHQ9 and a CORE-10 forms-accessible by clicking the form title.

Should the results show that they are at the moderate to severe end of these questionnaires, they will be eligible to use our services (funded by The National Lottery grant).

Upon completion of the 6 sessions, they will be asked once again to complete the forms noted above with the addition of a questionnaire regarding treatments provided by The Devon Clinic.


2014 Single Parent Stress Management Results


Average Depression and Anxiety Levels - Single Parent Stress Management Program



Collated results for the 2018 program will be available after completion.

blue small - Single Parent Stress Management Program

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