Single Parent Stress Management Programme


Single Parent Stress Management Programme

Supporting Local Parents


We developed and launched our Single Parent Stress Management Programme in 2014. After great success, we applied and were granted further Lottery funding. The overall success of the previous campaign was very high in reducing both stress and anxiety levels of participants.

Most participants reduced their stress and anxiety levels from severe to very low or none.

As a clinic, we are exceptionally proud to be able to offer our community services that otherwise would have been out of reach.

Our staff and practitioners have worked tirelessly to create a programme that not only supports parents both mentally and physically but enables them the chance to see the light at the end of the tunnel.


Single Parent Stress Management Programme

Our programme 

The programme consists of nine sessions over an eight-week period.

These are made up the form of a combination of talking and physical therapies. There is no set number of specific therapies you must complete and you are allowed to change if one therapy does not suit you.


Qualifying Criteria

To qualify for this programme you must meet the following criteria:

  • Live in Torbay
  • Be a single parent
  • Showing signs of anxiety/depression and/or stress*
  • Be in financial hardship

*To measure levels of anxiety, depression and stress we utilise the following quizzes; Core-10, PHQ-9 and GAD-7.


Application Process

To be considered for Single Parent Stress Management Programme please complete the questionnaires and submit your results


Online:Core-10 |PHQ-9 |GAD-7

Download: Core-10  | PHQ-9  | GAD-7

(Details of where to return completed forms can be found here)

The monitoring processes

Participating clients will be asked to completeGAD7, PHQ9 and aCORE-10forms-accessible by clicking the form title.

Should the results show that they are at the moderate to severe end of these questionnaires, they will be eligible to use our services (funded by The National Lottery grant).

Upon completion of the 6 sessions, they will be asked once again to complete the forms noted above with the addition of a questionnaire regarding treatments provided by The Devon Clinic.


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