Single Parent Stress Management Programme


Single Parent Stress Management Programme

Single Parent Stress Management Programme

Supporting Local Parents

Launched in 2014 our Single Parent Package has grown from strength to strength. From humble beginnings, we have continually developed and expanded the programme to include a wider range of therapies and treatments. Results from previous programmes have shown that levels of stress, anxiety and depression dramatically reduced in participants decreasing from moderately severe and severe to low or none. Many cited that the support they received was friendly, immediate and non-clinical. Most were surprised that they were in the driving seat when it came to choosing which therapies they received.

"We talked about what I wanted to gain-not something you often hear! To be honest, I was surprised all these doors were open just for me."

Our 2020/21 Single Parent Programme

The programme consists of nine sessions over an eight-week period

We ask all participants for a minimum donation of £5.00 per session*

Qualifying individuals have the choice of the following nine talking and physical therapies:

Talking Therapies: Counselling Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Hypnotherapy

Physical therapies: Chiropractic MassageAllergy and digestive health testing 

 There is no limit to the number of therapy types that a participant must use and they can change at any given time during their treatment.

*Session donations support the overall running costs of the programme.

Surplus monies will be invested in the development and expansion of similar programs.

Single Parent Programme Criteria

The programme is aimed at reaching those who will benefit the most from our services. To keep this fair and accessible, we have kept the criteria quite broad. 

To qualify for this programme, you must be:

  • Living in Torbay
  • A single parent
  • Showing signs of anxiety/depression and/or stress
  • in financial hardship (low income, in receipt of benefits)


The Application Process

The application process is simple and straight forward.

To apply for a place on our parent package, complete the three short (1 minute) quizzes below remembering to include your name and contact details.

Quiz One | Quiz Two | Quiz Three 

To request a downloadable version, please email:

Upon receiving your quiz application, a member of our team will be in contact to book your consultation appointment.

*Please note quizzes are not compatible with Internet Explorer.

Anna's Story

single parent packageI wasn’t expecting to become a single parent to 6 children, but that is what happened. In this new world, I found a lot of difficult challenges ahead of myself especially with my and low self-esteem. This is where my experience with The Devon Clinic began.

It was during a home visit with my health visitor. Sarah showed me a website and on it was this package designed for people just like me. It provided talking and physical therapies and I got to choose what I wanted-not something you hear everyday running around after children. Together we completed three short online quizzes-that was it, I’d applied! I knew someone was going to contact me but I still worried I’d done it wrong.  Would they reject me?

It didn’t take long for The Devon Clinic to contact me and say that I was eligible for the package. They explained everything to me and I felt reassured and informed about what was going to happen. I was even told in great detail how to find them and reassured that if I got lost on the way I should phone them for support.

My First Visit

My gosh, was I nervous! Thoughts rushed through my head about being late, where to park, getting lost, saying too much or not enough. All that was put aside as I was made to feel welcome and instantly feel at ease. The waiting room was calm and the receptionist was friendly and quite happily chatted away with me.

For my initial consultation, I met with Chris Fleet. He was really friendly and approachable which is very important for me especially as I suffer badly with anxiety in new situations. We talked about what I wanted to gain out my sessions-not something you often hear! To be honest, I was surprised all these doors were open just for me....continue with Anna's story

Download our printer-friendly brochure containing all the information about our package.

Single Parent Stress Management Programme Brochure Download PDF

Single Parent Stress Management

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