Sue Price

I became a qualified homeopath in 2008 after four years of study at The School of Homeopathy in Devon (now in Stroud).  A few years later, I followed this with a three-year post-graduate course with The Dynamis School of Advanced Homeopathy.  I absolutely loved both courses and have since enjoyed many other seminars and studies as I’ve worked and practised this wonderful holistic medicine.

I specialise in treating anxiety and hormonal problems (including menopause and infertility). Still, I also have a special interest in autism. I have worked with many children,

helping them detox the toxins that have aggravated their symptoms and see them begin to flourish, heal their digestive systems, anxieties, and other problems.

Meeting and helping so many wonderful people and seeing their amazement at how much homoeopathy has helped their health has been hugely rewarding.  There are lots of their stories on my blog where you can get a glimpse of the enormous benefits of homeopathy.


Outside of work, I love having fun with my family and friends, studying, gardening and art.

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