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Rose Stevens

Rose Steven began her passion for Astrology at the age of 16. In May of 2018, she turned this into a career after qualifying with the BSY. Since qualifying in her field, Rosie has been giving private readings, running workshops and giving talks at various establishments. She also attends Mind, body and Spirit Fairs.

Another passion of Rose’s is nature. She created a walking group called Open Minded Conversation Walks in April or 2019. The planned walks take place in the beautiful Dartmoor countryside and have been an enjoyable, relaxing experience for those going through challenging experiences.

She has found that Astrology is a fantastic tool and foundation for discovering a persons soul purpose and finding what drives a person to do the things they do. It reveals a deeper level of a persons personality that they may be keeping in the background or not even fully aware of.

(It can be very revealing and life-changing to see some of the things that can be holding you back in life and then to discover more of the positive qualities you have to offer yourself and the world.)


What is Astrology?

Astrology is using the concept that everything is connected to everything. After hundreds of years of mapping the stars and planets, seeing their cycles tying in with the seasons and farming and then seeing how they link in with a person’s life from the time they are born, because of the placement of the planets connecting to the celestial wheel (Astrological signs), at that particular time.

Time and experience have proven that there is a strong link between the heavenly bodies and life on earth, so we use the birth chart to draw up a map of where the planets were when we were born.


Rose StevensPersonal Readings

These one to one sessions are useful for those times in life when challenges crop up, or a big decision needs to be made. Astrology can be used for seeing how the transiting planets are impacting your birth chart, or you may like to see what some of your soul themes are in this lifetime, or what your career potential reveals in your chart. There is an intuitive element to readings too, which can often reveal more than what is written in the stars!


Astrology Workshops

In a workshop, we begin with a relaxing meditation and then look at where the planets are affecting us on that day and in the coming months using our birth charts. Then we will be looking at some of the key planets and how they are influencing you generally and how you can use this knowledge to enhance your life.

Working as a group is useful for understanding how Astrology works, and there is also the lovely element of sharing an experience with others that can be very bonding and very good for the soul in a world where the connection with each other has lost its priority.

Rose Stevens

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