Relationship Counselling

Couples CounsellingRelationship Counselling has a particular focus upon Relationships but it is designed around your unique requirements. This meant that we will work with any concerns you wish to bring but always maintain a Relational focus. You can come as an individual or a couple. You don’t need to be in a relationship at present and all forms or relationship issues are dealt with (romantic, friendships, family, colleagues). We are Relate trained, this means we can offer an expert approach as we are relationship specialists.



Common areas that may be impacting a relationship can include:

Communication difficulties | Conflict | Intimacy/sex | Affairs | Parenting | Family issues | Negative thoughts/feelings | Stress | Depression | Anger | Jealousy | Control Issues | Dissatisfaction | Loneliness | Difficult life events/Transitions

The aim of counselling is to help you better understand yourselves, your life situations, and your relationships. By exploring concerns in this way, it empowers you eath to take control of your choices and make positive changes. You can then develop healthier coping mechanisms that enhance your wellbeing and relationships.


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