Psychic, Spiritual and Self-Awareness Course

Get connected with Martine Wakefield

New 12 Week Psychic, Spiritual and self-awareness course


Booking Now Open

 September 2020 course

7 – 9 pm (ish)

£7.50* per session

*Note:  £30.00 deposit required to cover costs for the first four sessions



Location: The Devon Clinic, 30 A Hyde Road, Paignton TQ4 5BY


Martine Wakefield has had an interest in psychic awareness and spiritualism since a young age.

For the past thirty-five years, Martine has studied, trained and practiced in various aspects of psychic awareness and spiritual awareness and now Martine has decided that it’s time to share her knowledge and run a weekly workshop.

On this course, you will learn to connect with your higher self, simply and with ease.


  • Learn to use your own intuition every day
  • Connect with your guides, ( spirit team )
  • Do simple readings using colour
  • Work with a dowsing crystal
  • Visibility see the Chakras working
  • Tap straight into your Psychic abilities
  • Look at your belief system and the effect it is having on you, see where it came from and how to change it
  • Did you know thoughts become things
  • Change your thoughts and change your life forever
  • Learn how to connect with the universal healing energy …and so much more.



 There are many Gurus out there and if you do this course it just might wake up the Guru in you.


Martine is a healer, teacher, and medium and offers many different ways to get you connected with yourself and your life.

Martine has over 30 years of experience working as a healer and a medium and is committed to helping you get connected.

Martine’s own spiritual experiences started at the age of 9 years when her father passed away and her mother bought tarot cards and seances into her life which consequently awakened her own spiritual connection.

Martine has nurtured her connection over the years working in many different

 areas bringing her healing and mediumship skills to all walks of life. After much thought and deliberation, Martine decided to bring all that she’d learned together and design a course that would be suitable for anybody who would like to firstly connect with themselves and bring peace and understanding into their lives. Secondly, tap into their own psychic ability, and last but not least connect with the universe and the universal energy which brings healing, spirit guides, spirit helpers and hopefully awakens the Guru in the self.

Martine has been running this course for many years changing it here and there to accommodate the changes in universal knowledge.

If you want to change your life forever, this is the course for you.

Contact Martine directly

07776 134274 |


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