Julie Best


I’m Julie and I work with The Devon Clinic providing counselling therapy where we talk together and by listening to you, I can help you work through your problems.

We can work together to discover what you would like to change about your life to make you feel happier, more fulfilled, and more in control.

Sometimes you may know what the problem is, but be struggling to see how to change it. Other times you may not be sure what is wrong, but you just know that your life at the moment isn’t making you happy.

By listening to your story, I can help you to understand yourself and others better. Understanding your feelings gives you more choices about what to do next. We can work together to see how you can change the things that are not working for you. Understanding your problems can help you make lasting life changes. If you feel that you keep making the same mistake, or wonder why the same thing keeps happening to you, then we can work together to change the pattern.

Sometimes there are problems that we don’t want to talk to friends or family about (and sometimes the friends or family are the problems!) Maybe you don’t want to worry others about your problems, or the advice they have given you doesn’t feel right or hasn’t worked. Anything you tell me is confidential, and we can work together in a safe, private space to find the right answers for you.

Book yourself in by emailing or ringing the reception team on 01803 500300 – reception@devonclinic.co.uk

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