Baby Massage Course

Baby massage


The Little Wellness Company classes are relaxed, friendly, non-judgemental and baby-led, allowing a safe space for new parents to meet new people and feel supported, whilst learning the art of baby massage and all its many benefits.

Baby Massage

4 Week Course Baby Massage


Our courses use a mixture of techniques taken from both Indian and Swedish massage. In our classes, we focus on learning how to massage baby to provide relief from a range of symptoms such as colic, digestive discomfort and teething pain. Alongside this is the focus on enhancing the parent/child bond by using positive touch and thus producing oxytocin (the love hormone) in both parent and baby. Touch, sight, sound and smell are all used during baby massage resulting in the perfect atmosphere to love and connect.



Some additional benefits of include;

  • Boosting babies immune system
  • Promoting healthy brain development
  • Inducing restful sleep
  • Reducing stress hormones in both parent and baby.


The baby massage course is £35 and includes;


  • Your our own bottle of Tiddley Pom organic sunflower oil.
  • A PDF showing all the strokes
  • A certificate on competition of the first block
  • Access to Blossom and Berry’s online baby massage course with video tutorials to give ongoing support
  • Our little wellness company membership card providing you with discounts from local businesses across Torbay.
  • The opportunity to join our closed Facebook group


Baby Massage


The four-week course commences Wednesday, 8th April 2020, 1.00-2.00 pm at The Devon Clinic CIC


Tickets can be purchased via


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