The Devon Clinic COVID-19 Talking Therapy Service

Talking Therapy Service

Connecting You With A Professional Talking Therapist


Would you benefit from talking to a professional therapist?


The Devon Clinic CIC is proud to announce the COVID-19 Talking Therapy Service.

A telephone and video calling service providing the community with a safe outlet to express their thoughts, feelings and worries.

Our professional therapists are on hand to listen and provide practical and positive advice as well as coping strategies during this difficult time.

Sessions are available Monday to Saturday from 9 am to 9 pm.


How does it work?

The Devon Clinic CIC have created a talking therapy service for the community. We intend to use our knowledge and skills to support those in need during these difficult and uncertain times.

Together we have created a timetable of over 12 professional talking therapists ready to listen, support, and offer practical advice for those with worries, anxieties and concerns. Unlike any other time before our therapists are in the same position, they are in isolation. Some of our therapists live alone, while others have large families. Some are working or volunteering, getting creative, and others are taking it each day as it comes. But we are all in this together. If you need someone to talk to, they are here to support you.

Upon receiving your request (see below), we will contact you through your prefered method to arrange an appointment. On your chosen date and time, a therapist will telephone, or video call you.

At the start of your session, the therapist will confirm that they are speaking to the correct person (you) and introduce themselves. They will ask a series of short questions and provide you with clear guidance of what they can offer. Once this is complete, you are free to discuss anything you wish, and the therapist will give you practical support and guidance.

Each session can last up to one hour. If both parties are happy to continue, you can book further sessions directly with that therapist, but this must be done during the previous session. Should you forget, you can contact the office to put in a request, but we cannot guarantee therapist availability.

Please note that when we, The Devon Clinic CIC and or our practitioners make contact, our telephone numbers may appear as unknown or withheld. This is a safeguarding action as we are using our personal numbers due to working from home.

How to register for support

To match you with one of our qualified therapists, please complete our short form on the right. Alternatively, you can telephone 01803 500300 or email Once we receive your request, we will contact you.

It is important that we have your full name, a preferred method of contact, and when you are available. All information provided is heled in the strictest of confidence.

If you have a preference for a specific therapist (please see here for our therapists), please let us know, and we will do our best to fulfil this.

Meet our Talking Therapy Team 

Click the image below to discover more about each of our many talking therapists

Support Us

The talking thereapy service came about from emails and a Zoom meeting. We do not have any funding or financial support in place.

Therefore we are asking for donations to support our basic costs. These are the administrator/co-ordinator (1 person) who will manage the rota, phone, email, website and socials. We also require utility and ameitiy costs such as electricity, telephones and broadband (these are in place, but usage will heavily increase). We are fortunate and thankful that our practitioners have donated their time and skills for free.

A GoFundMe page has been created for donations to cover these costs. Plkease share and if you can contribute we greatly apreciate it.

Join Us

If you are interested in donating your skills and time to our talking therapies line, even just an hour a week, please contact us.

Protecting your data

All data (information) such as your name and contact details are held securely by The Devon Clinic CIC

Information shared with our practitioners is securely stored in accordance with our strict policies.

You can read our privacy and cookies policies by clicking the highlighted works


Note: We understand other companies are offering similar services and where possible we will work alongside them.

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