Richard Byatt

Richard ByattRichard Byatt is accredited in Emotional Logic as Coach, Trainer and Tutor.

Private consultations and training to individuals or small groups, or workshops for larger groups, are available.

Rich moved to Torquay in 2016, with a desire to explore new depths of community living and different rhythms of life. Rich Soundings was set up soon after to help explore positive change and transformation in people’s lives and businesses, to help all to move towards the best they can be, achieving full potential personally and professionally.

His engineering and operations management background allows Rich to think, problem-solve, team lead and project manage systematically. Learning new things, finding solutions and doing the best job pragmatically possible while sharing a sense of humour often helps build relationships and rarely offends! Discovering connections, exploring change and helping to bring order out of chaos.

To those…

  • Feeling… Stuck, Confused, Numb, Anxious, Powerless, Stressed, Withdrawn
  • Unsettled by… Risk, Change, Setback, Disappointment, Hurt
  • Needing to understand their emotions better; Wanting to make better decisions; Keen to improve communication and teamwork
  • Wanting to flourish, not just function; To find creative solutions & collaborative plans

Emotional Logic offers…

  • Lifelong learning of adaptable, transferable home-or-workplace skills for better relationships
  • Frameworks and tools to understand the overall integrated emotional process of adjustment
  • Understanding of the useful purposes of ALL unpleasant loss emotions and feelings
  • Transformation in relationships and communities via easy-to-share learning and experience
  • Solution-focused, values-based action-plans combining emotion and reason

Emotional Logic transcends generational and cultural barriers. Anyone from five to a hundred years old, across many and varied cultural heritage, can learn the same language of emotions. Learning gained in one situation can systemically transfer easily to other areas of life.

Richard Byatt gains deep satisfaction from helping to “bring order to the chaos” especially getting things moving where they appear to be stuck.


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