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This quiz compromises of 75 questions split in to three categories. Each question requires an answer from the selection below.


0 = Strongly Disagree (/once a year or less)

1 = Disagree (/2-12 times a year)

2 = Somewhat Disagree (/2-4 times a month)

3 = Somewhat Agree (/2-3 times a week)

4 = Agree (/4-6 times a week)

5 = Strongly Agree (/daily)

Please allow 20 minutes to complete all questions.

I have goals in both my professional and working life
I maintain a healthy diets (low sugar and fats but high fresh produce and whole grains)
I commit time to spiritual life and development
My water intake is adequate for my body
I can concentrate for long periods of time
How routinely do you take time for prayer or meditation
I am within my ideal healthy body range
I use visualization to attain goals and enhance performance
I listen to and act on my intuition
I feel that I am physically attractive
I believe it is possible to change
I regularly incorporate creative activities into my work and leisure time
I can fall asleep soundly and remain asleep all night
I do not have financial needs that outstretch my means
I like to take risks and try to exceed my limits
In the morning I feel awake and well-rested
My outlook on life is optimistic
I have faith in a God, Spirit guide, or angels
I feel I have enough energy to meet my daily requirements
I am in the habit of giving myself more positive messages than negative
I am free from spiritual anger
My five senses are acute
My job uses my greatest talents
How often do you make a conscious effort to be thankful for the blessings in your life
I take time to experience sensual pleasure that life has
I find my job fulfilling and enjoyable
How often do you have contact with nature
I have regular massages and/or deep-tissue treatments
I am willing to takes risks and make mistakes in order to progress
I am able to let go of any attachment to specific outcomes and embrace change
I am able to adjust my beliefs and attitudes as a result of learning from painful experiences
My current sexual relations are satisfying
I observe a day of rest completely away from work where I can dedicate time to myself and family
How often do you partake in physical activities lasting twenty minutes or longer?
I can let go of self-interest when it is not the best outcome for a situation
I have a good sense of humor
I feel that I have a good level of endurance
I have peace of mind
I have a strong purpose in life
How frequently do you take time to breath deeply?
I do not feel the need to control or to always be right
I make time to connect with young childern
I like to maintain physically challenging goals
I am able to express a wide rage of emotions such as excitement,  happiness, anger, and sadness
Playfulness and humor are a part of my life
I am strong
I am aware and able to express fear safely
I have the ability to forgive
I often do you do stretching exercises
I am aware and able to express anger safely
I have demonstrated the willingness to commit to marriage/long-term committed relationship
I am free of aches, pains and diseases
I am aware and able to express sadness and cry
I experience intimacy, excluding sex, within my committed relationship
How often do you have effortless bowl movements?
I am accepting of my feelings both negative and positive
I am to confide in close friends
I understand the cause(s) of my physical problems
How often do you partake in meditation, contemplation
I did/do feel close to my parents
I work and live in a healthy environment with low air pollution
My sleep is free from disruption
I have been able to full grieve the loss off a loved one
I am free of any drug including caffeine, nicotine and alcohol
How regularly do you explore the symbolism of your dreams
My experience with pain has enabled me to grow as a person
I feel empowered by nature
How often do you take time to relax excluding any time spent with screens
How often do you go out of your way to help others
I have a strong appreciation of my body, home and environment
How often do you experience feelings of exhilaration
I feel a sense of belonging
I have an awareness of life-energy, or qi
I have a high level of self-esteem and self-respect
I experience unconditional love

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