Health and complementary Quiz

1. Thinking positively can help you fight minor illness
2. I think complementary medicine should be more subjected to more scientific study before it should be accepted by medical professionals
3. When Stressed it is important to look after other aspects such as hydration and nutrition
4. Complimentary treatments may be harmful and stop people seeking traditional medical treatment
5. Symptoms of illness can be made worse with depression
6. Complimentary treatment should only be used when all traditional treatment has failed
7. If a person experiences a lot of stressful events they are likely to become ill
8. It is worth trying complementary therapy before seeking medical attention
9. Complementary therapy should only be used for minor ailments but not for serious illness/disease
10. It is important to create balance between work and relaxation in order to be healthy
11. Complementary treatments help build up the bodies own defences which leads to a permanent cure

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