Paola Royal

Paola RoyalWith over 30 years of medical and psychological training and practice, Paola Royal is passionate about using her knowledge and expertise to help people live a healthier lifestyle.
Understanding yourself psychologically will effortlessly change your attitude to eating with permanent results. Working in a unique way by looking at body & mind as one, Paola does not focus on diet and nutritional intake alone but helps her clients also unfold their own ‘personal and limiting beliefs which are innocently created about food and eating.

Paola quotes: “The satisfaction I have is from seeing the benefits experienced by my clients and the results they achieve through working with me which exceeds their expectations. These results can be improvements to their Health/Wellbeing, losing weight, or help to reverse the effect of diabetes, coronary heart disease, IBS, PCOS and other health issues.” Paola Royal has a website with lots of information about what she has to offer.


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