Nick Malyon

Nick Malyon 225x300 - Nick MalyonI have been practicing Traditional Chinese medicine for a long time now. Initially graduating with a 4-year degree in 2002, I went on to gain a master’s degree in 2009 and then spent 6 months in a hospital in Northern China for further advanced study in Chinese medicine.

I have several areas of special interest, from infertility and gynecological conditions, neurological and pain disorders, integrative oncology, skin problems, stress, anxiety and disabling emotional states.

As an acupuncturist, I am quite used to being the “last port of call” for obvious reasons, but this is also my strength, long-standing chronic conditions.

In Chinese medicine, we treat the whole picture‚ from the skin to musculoskeletal, the nervous system to internal organ dysfunction and on to emotional and spiritual wellbeing. It is as important to discover the source of a disease as it is to treat the symptoms themselves.

I utilize many techniques in my treatments, depending on the patient and the condition. As well as acupuncture, I use tui-na massage techniques, cupping and warming techniques, and don’t worry if you don’t want needles, I always listen to a patient’s needs and can work around that.

Nick Malyon

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