Letting Go with Hypnotherapy

I was really looking forward to my pizza made with thin crust, olive oil, garlic and black pepper, so when it arrived, I was surprised to see that it had extra tomatoes on it. My first thought was it had been mistakenly given to me. When I reached for a piece something odd happened: I pulled back and decided to inform them that I hadn’t ordered this. They were apologetic and re-ordered my pizza. I was pleased that I hadn’t settled and it wouldn’t be long before my correct pizza was ready.

September 2016, I had my first hypnotherapy session and since that day I have not looked back.
Days before that session, I was perplexed and curious about the hypnosis process. I wondered if I could even allow myself to let go of the controls and truly “go under”. I don’t think of myself as a control freaks, but the potential vulnerability made me nervous. And sure enough, shortly into the session, as I felt myself relaxing, my anxiety woke up, yelling at me to stop the session, jump up and run out the building. I made a conscious decision to stay and just observe my discomfort. I wanted to get myself off the hamster wheel of fear-based decisions. I wanted to start choosing to live up to my highest potential of success, happiness and purpose. I was ready to remove my subconscious blocks that had kept me stuck.

For this to happen, I had to let go and trust.


Consciously, we can be as capable and motivated as an Olympian, but in the end, it isn’t out conscious thoughts running the show it is our subconscious.

A mental trick I often share with clients: You know that awesome thought you have about losing weight? You know how you’re feeling all in this time? What was your second thought right after that first inspiring thought? The one that told you it wasn’t going to happen? -That is the subconscious mind keeping us in the status quo. Hypnotherapy can tap into our subconscious mind so that we begin to consciously let go of fear, anxiety and worries that hold us back. -There are also no worries about clucking like a chicken.

Hypnosis was explained to me this way:


Hypnosis achieves an altered state of consciousness. It offers a heightened state of suggestibility which makes it powerful in overcoming fears, phobias, reaching health, and professional goals. It cannot make a person behave in a manner their morals disagree with.

Hypnosis can give you the staying power to stop smoking, lose weight and resolve many issues. Many rushes in with cold turkey approaches become deflated and begin to feel hopeless. Hypnosis can offer those people an alternative means to fulfil their goals, and for good.

Hypnotherapy, for me, bout to my awareness that, in many areas of my life I was just settling and not making moves because it seemed easier. That includes the pizza incident but it extended to more serious professional and personal concerns. Since that hypnosis session, I now take a much closer look at those red flags and I am willing to walk away long before any consequences occur.

This is where I decided that I would never be walked upon again. As soon as I was settled in that zone, I felt empowered to make better and protective decisions about my life. My subconscious wires became untangled and I now realise that I alone am the only one who has the power to change me.