Katherine Jordan

Mindfulness Based Psychotherapist

My name is Katherine Jordan and I am a third-year MA student studying to be a Mindfulness Based Psychotherapist. I am UKCP registered with permission to practice.

I have a long career in children & young people’s services but often felt powerless to support the young people I worked with fully, with their experiences of trauma, abuse and mental health.

In 2007 I trained as a holistic health therapist. This didn’t adequately fulfil my desire to understand what was at the root of these painful life experiences. My desire to learn and help others led me on my own long, and sometimes painful, healing journey. It was at the point I discovered a Mindfulness Based Psychotherapist who dramatically changed my experience of life. Inspired by my transformation, I decided to train in this work. Fast forward six years and I now also offering private practice in Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy. I am genuinely passionate about this work and the depth of healing it can offer. In particular with its orientation to; “That Which Is Inherently Well Within Us.” The orientation towards a deeper health; while simultaneously acknowledging and holding old wounds with caring, present support, creating opportunity for a more fulfilling life.’

What is Mindfulness Based Psychotherapy?

The best way to explain the ‘Mindfulness’ element of this type of psychotherapy, is that we just work with what is here, right now. As a therapist, we work in deep attunement with our clients and support the natural unfolding towards health and well-being that we believe is already in motion for each of our clients. This work brings together the wisdom of eastern Buddhist philosophy and potency of western psycho-dynamic psychotherapy, to offer a psycho-spiritual work that can meet clients on all levels of their experience.


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