Karen Harrison

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Born in the Midlands, I moved to Torbay during my early years. As an adult, I trained both trained and worked here in the Uk and overseas.

My work as a professional Integrative counsellor means I can offer a model that ‘fits you’. This includes CBT, Gestalt, Person-centred and Solution-focused therapy. Additionally, I am a qualified ‘Holistic Therapist’.

For many years I have shown an interest and passion to discover ‘what makes people tick’. My own health challenges have taken me on a journey to recognise how our physical and mental health can impact on one another. The end article we display to the world (and ourselves) is a combination of thoughts and feelings which manifests emotionally or physically. In this belief and recognition, I came to realise in order to treat the physical problem, the emotional and mental well being also needs the time, care and attention to pinpoint the core of the problem.

With this ethos, in  2002 I began training in ‘Holistic Therapies’ at South Devon College. I followed on with ‘Counselling’ at Devon Counselling College. Subsequently, seeing the positive results from integrating the two therapies. Not focusing on the ‘quick fix’-the ‘elastoplast’ if you will, but the catalyst and the cause. Paying attention to the manifesting underlying cause, resulting in the ache, pain, symptom, bad health, disease or whatever the problem is for you.

“One Size does not fit all”

My belief mantra is that ‘one size doesn’t fit all’ in personal health; everyone is unique and has individual needs, therefore, I work in a ‘bespoke’ holistic way.

Recognising the importance of mental health, awareness and managing this with both ‘Talking and Holistic therapies’, I also see the importance of educating and helping children in their early years. This led me to work as a counsellor in local schools. I previously worked with adults and NHS referrals with mild to complex needs at a Psychotherapy & Counselling Clinic based in the UK and the USA. More recently I have been working in private practice. I work strictly within an ethical framework, hold professional liability insurance and DBS.

I specialise in working with people with Depression & Anxiety, M.E & Fibromyalgia. Also treating those with migraine, menopause, allergies, heart and lung conditions, fertility difficulties, generalised aches/injuries, and sport-related problems. Working with trauma, bereavement, PTSD, OCD, addiction and relationship difficulties/breakdown. Also offering a counselling service for children, young people, and parents, particularly those who are struggling with the impact of parent or sibling relationship breakdowns.

After an initial assessment, we can jointly work out what is ‘the best fit for you?’ It may well be you would benefit from a relaxing hands-on therapy such as massage, reflexology, ear candles or deep tissue sports type massage for tension. Otherwise, it could be that a ‘talking therapy’ such as counselling would be more helpful.

If you are unsure which therapy is right for you, whether it be holistic therapies or counselling please contact me to arrange your initial assessment



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