Sleep Workshop

Sleep Workshop

For those who count sheep to sleep

Hosted by Jackie Titley our sleep workshop are designed to inform and bring about discussion relating to all things sleep.

Deciding to take action to address a sleep problem can be both daunting and anxiety-provoking, especially if it means attending a group. Please be assured that the sleep workshop is planned with your comfort in mind. The Workshop is not a therapy group, and you will not be expected nor encouraged to share any personal information about your difficulties. The advantages of attending a group are that it is cost-effective, and research suggests that some people find that information designed to increase understanding and knowledge is sufficient to make effective changes.

The Sleep Workshop will cover:

• The sleep cycle
• What ‘good’ Sleepers do
• How sleep problems develop
• Factors that contribute to poor sleep
• Changes and helpful interventions to improve your sleep

What to Bring:

• Notebook and pen
• An inquiring mind!

Please Note: The Sleep Workshop is for adults and is not suitable if you are experiencing a crisis or needing immediate help for your sleep problem.


sleep workshop

The workshops commence Sunday 29th March 2020, 10.30 – 12.00 at The Devon Clinic CIC

Further workshop dates: Saturday 4th April & Saturday 23rd May 2020

Cost: £10.00 Per Session

To book contact Jackie telephone 01803 228267 or email


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