Chris Fleet

Chris Fleet began working as a professional hypnotherapist in his own private practice in 2002. Over the years he has seen the demand for his services grow expediently. As a direct result, he created the school so that he could share, nurture and educate like-minded people in the art and science of hypnotherapy so that they too could help others.

“A growing number of life affecting condition such as anxiety, depression and eating disorders could be helped with hypnosis and hypnotherapy, and most importantly, without the use of drugs.”

“You cannot change the whole world. But you can change the whole world for one person.”

Before becoming a professional therapist Chris had worked a broad variety of positions including; a bricklayer, a postman and an antique dealer. He believes that coming from a varied background helps him understand clients at a deeper level.

Chris is a member of the General Hypnotherapy Register and abides by the strict codes of conduct set down by the governing body. As well as being a member of the International Stress Managers Association (ISMA).

In 2012, he Founded The Devon School of Hypnotherapy, an accredited training school in Paignton. Here, students, can themselves learn all about hypnosis and hypnotherapy. They can also train to be fully qualified and accredited hypnotherapists and set up their own private practice.

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